Essay on Informed Consent by Deborah Franklin

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Why should you read consent forms? No really, why? Does anybody even read these things to start with? Why can’t you just trust the doctors and just take their words when they say it that all going to be ok Mr. Insert name here. This form of thought is what journalist Deborah Franklin is trying to stop people from doing. In her passage “Informed Consent” she takes a stance against the way consent forms are handled, and the fact that doctors do not take the time to explain the forms and the risks of the procedures to their patients is wrong and should be fixed. Franklin believes that the doctors are responsible for this problem and they should be the ones to fix it, but that is where Franklins are claim is false. It should be a joint effort …show more content…
It would give each patient a better understanding the risks for the procedures and the chances of it happening to them.
Franklin makes it clear that part of the doctor’s job should be to explain the risks the procedure and the percentage of any of the risk to each of their patients and ensure that all their patients have a full understanding of the consent forms. Franklin gives an example of a woman who goes to get a medical procedure done, but her doctor never informed her of the risks. When she read through the risks herself, she was terrified and left the hospital without getting the procedure done endangering her life in the process. This is a great example of how the ways consents are handled have failed, where neither the doctor nor the patients are working together to fix this problem. The woman read the consent forms are self with is a start but instead of running she should have sat with her doctor and questioned him about her risks, and had her doctor explain them to her making this a joint effort by both the doctor and the patients to fix this problem then her fears would have been greatly reduced Franklin (261).
Franklin also makes a good point when she says that some doctors just treat their patients like names on a clipboard, and that should change as demonstrated in the case of the woman who ran from her procedure. Her belief that the doctor is solely responsible for the

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