Information and Communication Technology in Educational Institutions

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ICT stands for Information and communication technology. In educational institutions, ICT's are a range of tools meant for the purpose to aid teachers and learners in all areas of the curriculum. ICT, if used correctly, attempts to improve achievement, motivation and thinking across all subjects when used as learning tools. ICT enables the student to represent and construct their own understanding from the vast amounts of information that is available to them. Students would incorporate ICT to reflect, inquire, manage and access information to create ideas and evaluations that could be communicated with others. As the knowledge society obtains continues to grow at a rapid pace, emerging technologies continue to be introduced and refined. …show more content…
English and literature in ICT is fundamental to life in our technological society. In order to equip students to be literate global citizens of the 21st century, teachers must successfully integrate ICT into both the English pedagogical practice and curriculum. ICT is a valuable tool in enhancing learning and teaching. ICT to teachers would be a professional resource, a form of the deliverance of information to the classroom and a source of valid and valuable text types. ICT to students would be an opportunity to communicate more effectively and an opportunity for development of literacy skills. ICT is also a valuable tool for researching, composing, responding, viewing and representing works of English.

The use of ICT changes the nature of the composition of work and enables the writing process to be more fluid. ICT allows a student to present and organise information and work in a range of forms and be able to create their own work more effectively and professionally. Software such as Microsoft word allows students to access professional editing tools. These tools allow students to reflect on and self edit their work. Also students, through presentation software such as Microsoft power point, would create a more fluid environment for communicating information to the classroom. ICT provides the tools for composing and publishing a range of both conventional and multi-media texts so that students read, compose, and transform texts in novel and challenging ways.

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