Increasing Parental Participation in Lake Worth Middle School

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The purpose of this study is to implement a plan to increase parental participation in Lake Worth Middle School. The target is parents of middle grade students in Lake Worth Middle School, who do not participate in the school process and are negatively affecting their children’s success.
A comprehensive review of educational literature shows that most researchers agree about the importance of parental involvement to boost academic success (LaBahnn, 1995; Epstein, 1995; Henderson& Berla, 1994). LaBahnn (1995) explained that parental involvement not only benefits the student in question, but it also benefits the teacher, the school and the other students in the classroom. According to Henderson and Berla (1994) parental involvement
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Among these factors, parents' aspirations and expectations for their children's learning appear to have more influence on student achievement than other forms such as home-based involvement (e.g., parent-child communication about homework and school learning, parental supervision of student homework; Moreover, parental expectations predict student outcomes other than achievement, such as attitudes and behaviors that support educational success . For example, students' perceptions of their parents' goals predict children's goal selection and goal-oriented behavior.
The National Middle School Association (2006) defines parental involvement as the awareness of involvement and school work. Parental involvement also includes and understanding of parental skills and success in schooling. Furthermore, it also involves an open communication between parents and the teachers. Epstein (1995) developed a framework of six types of parent involvement, which are parenting, communicating, volunteering, learning at home, decision making and collaborating with the community. Epstein (1995) explained that a successful partnership between families and schools must include all of the factors of the parent involvement framework. In the other hand, Ho and Wills found that the levels of parental involvement in the school setting which includes attendance of school meetings and classroom volunteering had only a modest effect on students’ academic achievement. Ho and Willms

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