Imagining the Future: Science and American Democracy by Yuval Levin

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Imagining the Future: Science and American Democracy

Reading Imagining the Future: Science and American Democracy, by Yuval Levin, is an educational experience because the book challenges liberal values effectively and offers a unique historical analysis of American political values. Unfortunately, Levin’s errors of omission lead to logical errors throughout Imagining the Future. Levin’s biggest problem is that he painstakingly avoids the mention of religion in relation to American politics. In a book about the values of American liberals and conservatives in the specified context of biotechnology policy (Levin, 2009, p. 1), he first mentions religion on page 85. It says only that when science was new it had a, “capacity to
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They are so concerned with this helplessness that they want to transmit traditional culture to new generations exactly as it was passed to them. They hold delusions of a utopian past (Levin, 2009, p. 69), which is also how he interprets the historical British group he erroneously pairs them with (Levin, 2009). To Levin, the right wants the future to mirror the past because their worldview is based on reverence for previous generations and silent gut feelings they refuse to discuss (Levin, 2009, pp. 131). Levin’s version of conservatives is actually a portrait of the pro-life movement specifically, which in reality bases its values and worldview on interpretations of the Christian Bible (Lederman, 2012).
He omits that conservatives also have strong ideas about the future, which for them has a fascinating relationship with religion (Cotto, 2013). George Bush himself cited his religion as his reason for vetoing funding for research on extracorporeal embryos, not concern with natality or ideals of a utopian past (Park, 2012). The actual thought processes of the right are so fascinating, in my opinion, that Levin should have actually addressed them.
A redeeming aspect of reading Imagining the Future is the value studying issues from different perspectives in order to evaluate my own perspectives. Examining an analysis of the biotechnology debate from a perspective that minimizes and even excludes religion forced me into

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