Ice Wind-Dale by R.A Salvatore Essay

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Ice Wind-Dale by R.A Salvatore

A book I have read recently and enjoyed was "Ice Wind-Dale" by R.A
Salvatore. I received this book as a present and was intimidated by its sheer size, but was blessed as it was the greatest book that I have ever read. It was the only book that has made me depressed because of finishing it and yet was still satisfied and not left wanting. Salvatore created the perfect setting, characters and plot to make the book so memorable. The plot is straight forward as the book is actually a trilogy, and so the story evolves from one book to the next. I will now take the three best features of this book being the setting, characters and plot explaining how it made the novel so incredibly complete.

The first feature
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This extract was actually the first time we meet
"Drizzit" and we are immediately able to picture the scene. Salvatore introduces all his characters like this, with their own small separate quest. This allows the story to gradually build instead of forcing the reader to swallow a whole host of new characters at once (e.g. "Lord of the Rings"). "Drizzit" is portrayed as a loner or outsider with a direction in mind. We can gather this all from the first encounter
(above). Salvatore again manages to do this with subtle writing techniques. He infuses his characters with human qualities
("effortless grace") and uses colours to change the mood ("his dark white hair") thus making them all the more credible.

Throughout the novel conflicts are born between the characters
(Drizzit's lone wolf personality versus love for his friends).
Throughout the plot, the characters develop and change just like people, so it is much easier to continually relate to them and story.

The last feature I would like to discuss is the plot.

The plot plays a major part in all novels but this one in particular stands out.

The story is about three friends who travel across the cold barren tundra known as the land of Ice Wind-Dale to accomplish personal goals and to better the lives of others, an example being when the land is threatened by the hoards of barbarians and only three destined people can help. The three friends Drizzit du-urden,

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