Hysteria Creates Unexpected Actions in Arthur Millers' "The Crucible"

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Hysteria is characterized as an uncontrollable outburst of emotion or fear, often portrayed by irrationality. Hysteria supplants logic and enables people to believe that their neighbors, whom they have grown to trust, do things that one would normally find anomalous much like in Arthur Millers The Crucible. Wherever hysteria takes place, it fosters distortion of truth, unfathomable actions, and false accusations causing communities to rip apart. People who died in the haste of fear and uncertainty were unnecessary because fear clouds the judgment and perception of a person.
While fear prevents clear thoughts and distorts truth, it provides action. People will band together in order to combat fear. Their numbers will provide them temporary
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No matter what, everyone will be affected by fear, because fear has many faces and one cannot prepare for all of them. Many illogical accusations occur as if they were part of the common dialogues between men. Even though they discover witchcraft to be an “invisible crime [and] therefore who may possibly be witness to it” (80). Provided this information how can, they not conclude that this is only a hoax. When the truth it staring one in the face who is so far gone in fear, truth is seldom taken for what it is but rather for garbage, or it puts one in the light of suspicion as does most anything out of the ordinary. Even when one women is “taken with books, and [her husband] thought to find the cause of it…but it were no witch [he] blamed her for” (86), he was only curious of why she read so often. Even simple statements can be considered confessions, this is proof that one’s words can be twisted and misinterpreted while others are hysteric.
While a person can be hung for charges based on what they read or how often, the community will suffer the greatest because it will lose a large amount of people and by the end of the executions, the people left will start to wonder where their neighbors are and what they have done. The aftermath of tragic incidents are never put forth, even in this

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