Humans are a Cancer of the Earth Essay examples

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Humans are a Cancer of the Earth

Earth has undeniably suffered a rapid deterioration in health over the past few centuries. The symptoms of her illness, including global warming, water pollution, and deforestation, are ever-increasing and cannot be ignored. Dr. William Hern believes he has discovered the culprit behind this malady: Homo ecophagus, a newly-coined label for the present day humans that are devouring the environment in cancer-like fashion (Dr. William Hern, p. 8). His diagnosis involves drawing parallels between a malignant neoplasm and humans. My immediate reaction after reading this thesis was to reject a proposal that so debased the human race and exacted such a harsh blow to every human's ego. Upon further
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This overshoot adequately explains why one to two billion people currently live in extreme hunger, "the largest number of hungry humans ever recorded in history" (Pimenteal, 1).

We have long been aware of the damage overpopulation can wreak on humans; in response, we have attempted to limit our proliferation rate through various methods, ranging from contraceptives to governmental policies. Despite these checks, however, human populations continue to rise at alarming rates. Much like cancer, which "resists regulation and reproduces without limit," humans find themselves unable to stem their own expansion (Hern, 4). Here lies Hern's key comparison: whether the limitation method be radiation or fertility constraints, both cancer and human population growth resist regulation attempts and continue proliferation with no predictable end in sight.

2) Consumption of Neighboring Regions
As demonstrated by recent environmental deterioration, overpopulation can cause severe and oftentimes irreversible damage to the surrounding ecosystems. The long list of evidence for these effects includes deforestation, global warming, ozone depletion, air and water pollution, fossil fuel consumption and the exhaustion of agricultural lands, just to name a few.
Cities especially exemplify cancerous traits. The rate of urban population expansion surpasses the overall human

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