How the USA Lost the Vietnam War Essay

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Why did the United States get involved in the Vietnam War? Ask this question to a cross section of Americans, a housewife like Bobbie Lee Pendergrass who wrote a moving letter to President Kennedy looking for answers not about the death of her brother, but the reason why he fighting in Vietnam. Most Americans couldn’t even tell you where Vietnam was on a map much less why we sent so many soldiers to fight a civil war half way around the world because most Americans did not think that communism was not an immediate threat. The United States government’s reason was that they wanted to stop the spread of Communism and the expansion of nuclear weapons so they supported a military government in South Vietnam which was under the …show more content…
I consider like Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara an advisors in that he wrote A Secret Government Assessment of the Vietnam War Policymakers. His candor about the complexities and the inability for the United States to succeed seemed to fall on deaf ears. The leaking of these papers were in some way In October 1966, drafted a secret memorandum for President Lyndon B. Johnson In essence, we find ourselves no better, and if anything worse off.” (Johnson 278). This raised the question, what was the difference, if any, between ending the war and winning the war? Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara answered this question in his secret report in that “this important war must be fought and won by the Vietnamese themselves.” (Johnson ,277). The United States can end the war by removing the troops and cutting off aid to South Vietnam. We never intended to win the war, but provide support and arms, just as McNamara wrote, it is up to the Vietnamese to win the war for them, for their country. What made the war so painful was that the reality of war was something that was far from the truth, and was not like Forest Gump. Arthur E. Woodley, Jr., a special forces ranger in Vietnam in 1968 and 1969 was a typical soldier, young wanting to escape where he lived, willing to join the military, but not fully understanding the gravity of what they were in for. He spoke of how he

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