Essay How Evil Beats Good in George Orwell's Animal Farm

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George Orwell’s renown book “ Animal Farm” has been praised for its delicate way of criticizing communism during the Russian Revolution besides this, there is another underlying theme which Edmun Burke quotes very well: “It is necessary only for the good man to do nothing for evil to triumph”. George Orwell uses characters such as Boxer, Clover, and Benjamin to demonstrate that all it takes is a good man doing nothing, for evil to win. One animal which is considered a ‘good’ character is Boxer. Boxer is the male horse on the farm, who always is hard working and has become the role model on the farm. As the book says, “Boxer was the admiration of everybody.” Boxer is a hardworking character, with the right intentions, who most of the …show more content…
So how come evil still still got the power, when there was good? This is exactly what the quotes says, as long as the good man does nothing, evil will triumph. Because of Boxers naive personality that so easily follows others, he has fallen into Napoleon’s manipulation therefore putting himself under Napoleon following the motto: “I will work harder and Napoleon is always right”. If boxer had taken a stand, the other animals would surely follow him instead of Napoleon; good would have had victory. Clover is the second ‘good’ character in the story. Clover is the female horse on the farm who acts very much as the motherly figure on the farm. With a caring heart and the maturity of the mother role, Clover has many well thought through thoughts She understands what is really going on at the farm, unlike animals like Boxer. Clover sees what Napoleon is doing and that nothing really has changed after the revolution. Like Orwell explains in his book “If she could have spoken her thoughts´, it would have been to say that this was not what they had aimed at when they had set themselves years ago to work for the overthrow of the human race”, Clover cannot articulate and put her thoughts to words. Although out of all the animals it is enough with one who can understand that something is wrong, if that one animal cannot explain its thoughts to the others, then it is useless. Without being able to say anything evil will still be able to triumph. The last

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