Homeschooling Children and Socialization Essay

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Webster’s Dictionary defines to homeschool as teach your children at home instead of sending them to a school (Merriam-Webster). This is to say that parents teach their own children at home instead of having them go to public, private, or parochial schools. The three main controversies are the socialization of homeschooling children versus public schooling, the educational quality, and the cost difference. These all basically are over the fact that many believe that homeschooled children are very sheltered and protected from the world around them.
Homeschool children’s socialization is a huge issue. Those who are for homeschooling state that homeschooled students are actually more socialized without the negative aspects such as bullying
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It is up to the parents to keep their children socialized. This means they must be keep their children around others of their own age. Also, the parents must be able to afford to keep taking them to all types of activities, libraries, and museums. As long as the parents are willing to put in the effort, the children are very much socialized.
The level of education delivered to homeschooled children versus public schooled children. There is a very big difference in the quality of education between the two options. Homeschooled children have options available to them that are not readily available for public schools. These options are available due to the lack of limitations put on the homeschooling parents ( These options include personalized cirriculum, higher level courses of interest, and more options to foreign languages.
Those who are against homeschooling state that the children who are homeschooled are only able to learn as much as the parents know. It is hard to get classes for homeschooled children that require labs or experiments ( These classes are very needed to get a well-rounded education. Without these courses it would be nearly impossible to get into a decent university right after graduation.
I believe there is balance needed between personalized education, higher level courses of interest, foreign languages, and the needed classes to get into decent universities. The positive

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