Heart Disease in the United States Essay

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Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both women and men in the United States. It is very important to learn about the heart to prevent heart disease. Many forms of heart disease can be prevented and treat with healthy lifestyle choices. For someone who has heart disease or does not; there is information, facts, symptoms, different types, diagnoses, tests, treatment, care, and living and managing that can be given. Symptoms to heart disease can include chest pain, shortness of breath, pain, numbness, weakness or coldness in your legs or arms, if the blood vessels in those areas are narrow. There are many causes of heart disease. You can just be born with heart defects, or naturally cause them yourself by smoking, excessive use …show more content…
Medications are also used. There are medical procedures that are use like surgery like a coronary angioplasty or a coronary artery bypass. Pacemakers are electronic devices that help the heart maintain normal rhythm, to prevent heart disease you need to make lifestyle changes such as, quite smoking, control all other health conditions, exercise at least 30 minutes a day, eat a diet that is low in slat and saturated fat, maintain a healthy weight, reduce and manage stress, and also practice good hygiene. There are many forms of hear t disease. One form of a pediatric heart disease is Kawasaki disease. Kawasaki disease is leading cause of heart disease in children. This disease is known as a mucutaneous lymph node syndrome that causes inflammation of blood vessels throughout the body. Researches don’t really know what causes this type of disease they think it’s an infection that happens when they are exposed to a harmful toxin in whatever environment they are in. The more the disease is expose to the children it can lead to a heart attack or coronary aneurysm. There is really not a treatment for Kawasaki disease; the main goal is to reduce the risk of heart disease by using aspirin and intravenous gamma globulin. They also do echocardiogram that is done 3-4 weeks after the first change in the arteries of the heart. This disease has a long recovery period; the child possibly may need to continue in

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