Coronary Heart Disease Research Paper

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Introduction: What is Coronary Heart Disease?
With cardiovascular diseases being the number one cause of deaths around the world, understanding the diseases, their risks and possible preventative actions can help an individual protect himself from the diseases. The research presented in this paper will focus on providing knowledge about coronary heart disease.
Coronary heart disease, the most common of cardiovascular diseases, takes place when the coronary arteries become clogged with fatty substances such as plaque or atheroma. Also known as ischaemic heart disease,
Atherosclerosis (the process of gradual plaque build-up on the inner walls of the arteries) causes the arteries to become narrow, thus allowing less room for the blood flow, preventing
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This is 17.5 million deaths worldwide, with 7.4 million caused by coronary heart disease. With this data it is fit to say that coronary heart disease does indeed negatively affect a fair part of the world. Out of the 189-196 countries of the world, a good 40 countries have high death rates out of the total 192 countries affected by coronary heart disease (World Life Expectancy, 2011). And every year, hospitals around the world treat a large number of 3.7 million heart disease patients. The total estimated economic cost is approximately $313 billion (Healthline, …show more content…
Despite being one of the lower ranked countries, cardiovascular disease is still a major cause of death in Australia, and one of Australia’s largest health problems. According to Heart Foundation, coronary heart disease caused 20, 046 deaths in Australia in 2012. That’s 13% of all Australian deaths. Coronary heart disease 55 Australians each day, or one every 26 minutes. Australia now considers coronary heart disease as one of the biggest killers, killing more Australians than any other disease group. Australia is also a likely country to be affected by coronary heart disease due to other unhealthy statistics. With 60% of Australian adults overweight and 51% with high cholesterol, it is no surprise that coronary heart disease is such a major problem in Australia as the three are

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