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The elements of a good nursing home are numerous. Among basic procedures in care, Healthy Digest reports that the “overall cleanliness of the home is important” (Seniors Nursing Home Essentials 2011). While most individuals search for a facility that is clean and friendly, quality nursing facilities should offer residents more than a clean restroom and friendly staff. In addition to providing the standard atmosphere, Redondo Nursing Home aspires to exceed average expectations through accessibility and transparency. The nursing center will offer friendly staff, several nutritional plans, and support to family members to make the transition from independent living to assisted living bearable.

The Facility
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Whereas commercial insurance covers damages to the building associated natural and human disasters, liability insurance enables Redondo to pay for financial costs associated with a resident falling or choking on food. Redondo Nursing Home strives to provide a safe atmosphere that is both welcoming and cozy.
The Position of the Planner Living in an assisted living facility is difficult for many elderly individuals. According to the University Hospitals of Columbia and Cornell.
“for many older adults, planning to live in a nursing home can be too difficult to even think about. It may conjure up many emotions–helplessness because you no longer can care for yourself, possibly having to leave your home and security, or fear due to an uncertain future” (Planning for Nursing Home Care 2006).
Many individuals choose not to plan for assisted living even when their health deteriorates to the point of needing special care. While they are fully aware of their medical situation, such individuals would rather stay in the comfort zone that is their home than explore alternative ways of living that may prove disastrous. With complete awareness of the emotions involved with relocating, Redondo aspires to make the transition easier with a specialized planner. The planner essentially consults with potential resident and family members to discuss care plans and other options available to seniors and their families. On average, a meeting

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