Hazing: Fun-Filled Nightmare Essay

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Hazing: Fun-Filled Nightmare
People of higher authority choose to haze others for a myriad of reasons. From inside the hazer’s mind, they may feel that what they are doing is not wrong and is tradition. Other reasons for hazing may include: keeping the new pledges under control, creating a rite of passage, and showing that a person is strong enough to endure the process (“Preventing Hazing – Reasons Not to Haze” 2). Furthermore, the hazer may not feel confident enough, resulting in bullying others in order to feel more powerful (“Hazing Fratricide of Brotherhood” 5). Paul Ruffins suggests television shows, such as Survivor, illustrate competition of who can best tolerate activities similar to hazing the longest and the best (6), thus
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He uttered, “That was one of the nights when you go home and you wonder, ‘What the hell am I doing?’ The frat brothers tried to justify it by saying that it would build unity for us, but it was kind of just a stupid, gross experience.” (Grynberg 2). Males accept hazing for completely different reasons, believing they must prove they are manly and tough enough to be a part of the group. Rejecting homosexuality is another important reason for males to accept hazing (“Preventing Hazing – Reasons Not to Haze” 2). Dr. Don Corr, a New Jersey school psychologist, explained why young people engage in hazing. He says that younger people (students) cannot make decisions as logically as adults (Ruffins 6). Partaking in hazing almost always has a negative outcome.
Hazing leads to negative outcomes including emotional pain, resentment, injury, and wrongful death. Tim Marchell said that one individual will be harmed by a hazing activity that others consider acceptable (Grynberg 3). Unfortunately, once a person is hazed, they are much more likely to haze others as revenge (“Research & Theory 4). Travis Apgar, associate dean of students for fraternity and sorority affairs at Cornell, explained that while some people have the ability to deal with a certain level of physical or mental abuse, other may not be able to deal with the same kind of treatment. (Grynberg 3). Mothers Against School Hazing, or MASH, is a group of mothers who wish to

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