Why Is Hazing Should Be Allowed In College Essay

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The decision to participate and make a large investment in Greek life at many universities across the globe is a major part of a student’s college identity. Regulations and rules created by committees across the country, create a “standard” for these Greek. The strictness of these standards have been up for debate decades, questioning what is and isn’t allowed to go on inside these fraternity and sorority houses. Although many organizations would love to pride themselves on following every given rule to the tee, the leniency that is the sad reality leads to many adverse effects on students at many universities. Hazing, binge-drinking, and superficiality are just a few things that make Greek life a no-go for many students, including myself. …show more content…
Hazing has been an incredible problem in sororities and fraternities for years and years now. This activity humiliates, degrades, abuses, or endangers a person, proving their “worthiness” in joining the group. Headlines on the news regarding near-death experiences for people who have taken it a bit too far flourish in the fall semester of student’s college experience. Although chairmen on the committees who oversee activities would love to turn a blind eye to this problem, it is a prominent issue, with a pivotal need for a solution. The Pennsylvania State Law on Hazing states that any person who causes or participates in hazing commits a misdemeanor of the third degree. Although repercussions are a great way to create a standard for students, it still occurs and puts many students in risk. On March 17, 2015 students at The Pennsylvania State University involved in Delta Kappa Rho were founded to be operating a disgusting organization, demeaning participants to such disgusting things. Members were found to have operated a Facebook page that contained naked photos of unconscious women that had been taken by the involved, as well as more evidence of hazing and drug

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