Hamlet Vs. Much Ado About Nothing Essays

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Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing

While Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing have the same author they both have similarities and differences in themes. Some people live their life looking for love and never finding it, it is often said that you will find love when you least expect it. Both plays have common beliefs of love, marriage, however, death is viewed very differently. Love in Hamlet is often depressing, even though love is wanted by all. What is the point in loving somebody if they are going to die anyway? When Hamlet denies his love to Ophelia she is hurt because she had believed that she had once been loved. She finds that she has never been loved, and may never find someone to love her which hurts her. Hamlet confesses his
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Benedick and Beatrice have no intentions of ever finding love, it is of no interest to them. Benedick says “Suffer love! A good epithet. I do suffer love/ indeed, for I love thee against my will” (5.2 66-67). Beatrice says “I had rather hear my dog bark at a crow/ than a man swear he loves me” (1.1.129-130). She clearly states that she never wants to hear a man say that he loves her. Benedick states “But it is cer-/tain I am loved of all ladies, only you excepted, and/ I would I could find in my heart that I Had not a/ hard heart, for truly I love none” (1.1.122-153). He was not looking for love either. They found love when they least expected it. When love finds one unexpectedly it can sweep a person off of their feet, making them fall in love quicker. Benedick and Beatrice never get along but begin to like each other once they fall into a trap. Beatrice says “I wonder that you will still be talking, Sig-/nor Benedick, nobody marks you.” And Benedick replies saying “What, my dear Lady Disdain! Are you yet/ living? (1.1 114-17). The main plot of Much Ado About Nothing is that of the relationship between Claudio and Hero. Their story is about relationships based on love at first sight. Claudio has no sooner seen the pure face of Hero than he professes his undying love and seeks her hand. However, Claudio's admiration for Hero comes across as a school-boyish crush, rather than deep felt love. He asks the opinion

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