Much Ado About Nothing Beatrice And Benedick Analysis

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The play, Much Ado About Nothing, by William Shakespeare is a romantic comedy set in Messina that focuses on two relationships throughout the play, Beatrice and Benedick and Claudio and Hero. Beatrice and Benedick are constantly arguing because of how similar their personalities are. They have a strong relationship because of how well they know each other. Claudio and Hero have a ‘fairytale’ kind of love because they do not know each other very well and do not argue until the day of their wedding. Benedick and Beatrice represent a realistic relationship where, Claudio and Hero represent a much simpler one. Beatrice and Benedick are roughly equal in wit and intelligence, which means they have a lot in common and thus their attitude towards love and their courtship is more satisfying than Claudio and Hero’s.
In Shakespeare’s play, Benedick and Beatrice’s relationship keeps the reader intrigued because they are a realistic couple. They both do not believe in marriage, Benedick says, “Because I will not do them the wrong to mistrust any, I will do myself the right to trust none. And the fine is, for which I may go the finer, I will live a
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William Shakespeare's play, Much Ado About Nothing, focuses on both these relationships throughout the play. In the beginning of the play, Beatrice and Benedick have a complicated relationship, but with their friends’ aid, they realize how in love they are with each other. They look past each other’s flaws to see the love that is hidden between them. While Claudio and Hero have an idealistic relationship because they ‘fell in love’ at first sight and their relationship ends because of a lack of communication and trust between the both of

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