Gustave Caillebotte Paris Street; Rainy Day,1877 Essays

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Perhaps one of the most recognizable paintings of 19th century France is Gustave
Caillebote’s “Paris Street; Rainy Day”. The painting was begun in 1876 and finished early in
1877. Gustave Caillebotte’s “Paris Street; Rainy Day” was exhibited for the first time in the
Third Impressionist exhibition in Paris, held in 1877. Currently displayed in the Art Institute of
Chicago depicts the intersection of the rue de Moscou and the rue de Turin , on the rue de
Leningrad from Saint-Lazare Station at its southwest end to the Place Clichy. The street was called the New Paris, or the modern capital of Europe. The streets , buildings and the services that can be seen in the painting had all been built during the artist’s own lifetime.
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Light play a major role in this painting but it’s all about reflectivity, shadows and the way light can define forms. Painting is carefully balance, and carefully compose , this is not a snapshot. If we look closely we can notice that the painting is divided into four quadrants . We see the vertical division in the middle of the canvas somewhere by the lamppost, than horizontal line right at the level of the men’s chin moving across and at the bottom of the buildings. Painting is divided into four areas. Because horizon line is positional just above the center, the bottom half the composition is slightly larger than the top. At the right edge, a man strides into the painting , while next to him a couple moves out of the painting , towards the viewer. The left of the lamppost , most of the movement is horizontal, as people cross the cobblestone streets.
'Paris Street, A Rainy Day' by Gustave Caillebotte is an excellent example of how to use a central eye level. In this scene, the viewer shares the same eye level as the strolling figures. This creates the strong illusion that you are walking or standing on the same street. You feel that you are part of the scene.. This intimate relationship between the viewer and the image is what makes the work so popular. It is like taking a look through a window in time.
“Paris Street; Rainy Day “ is a rectangular painting depicting a street of Paris. Caillebotte was a wealthy artist so he is s

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