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"The AIA Committee on the Environment, is working to bring quantitative measures to the subject and to make information about sustainability easier to understand and use. The committee has divided green design into five areas: site and land use (including transportation issues), energy efficiency, materials, indoor ecology, and waste reduction."(Talarico, 1998)

Lynn Simon an environmental architect and consultant has created a system for evaluating building products. "Simon evaluates a green product with the following checklist: Is it locally produced? Is it from a sustainable or renewable resource? Is it reuseable or salvageable if the house is disassembled later? Does it contain recycled products? Were toxic by-products created during the manufacturing process? How much energy is required to create the product? Is there any post-installation off-gassing? How easily maintained is the product? How long will it last? More obvious considerations include the materials availability (because they tend to be region-specific, many green products are not widely distributed), ease of instillation, and cost."(Talarico, 1998)

Also important to the future of green architecture is communication
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