Grand Theory of Nursing: Health as Expanding Consciousness Essay

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Grand theory of Nursing: Health as Expanding Consciousness

Margret Newman was a nurse by nature and she realized that years before entering into nursing profession while she was taking care of her ill mother. Her belief that she was made for the profession of nursing became more firm when she entered into the University of Tennessee, Memphis for her baccalaureate degree in nursing. The idea of giving care to the ill humanity has always enthralled her. Although it is a daunting task to provide utmost care to the ills; but she loved, it and always tried to give this with “best of my intellect as well as the utmost of my humanness” (Newman, 1994).
After acquiring her baccalaureate degree she started studying
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There are people who do not care for their health until a disease or illness occurred; and there are people who care for their health and lives a balanced life.
Dr. Newman said, “Consciousness includes not only the cognitive and affective awareness normally associated with consciousness, but also the interconnectedness of the entire living system, which includes physiochemical maintenance and growth processes as well as the immune system. This pattern of information, which is the consciousness of the system, is part of a larger, undivided pattern of an expanding universe” (Newman, 2003).
Dr. Newman’s theory has a wide canvass and it can be used and implemented in different aspects of nursing. It is not specific to any culture and can be used in all such cultures and environments where the interaction of nurse and client is possible.
According to the definition, metaparadigm” represents the worldview of a discipline (the most global perspective that subsumes more specific views and approaches to the central concepts with which it is concerned). There is considerable agreement that Nursing's' metaparadigm consists of the central concepts of person, environment, health, and nursing." (Powers & Knapp, 1990, p. 87).
The concentration of metaparadigm in Dr. Newman’s theory is caring for the human beings. Nursing covers many aspects of care including physical, mental, psychological, social, educational, cultural aspects. To enhance

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