Global warming: the human-accelerated assassin of Mother Earth

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There is an old proverb in Kabati, Kenya claiming that people should strive to be like the moon. This means that people should always be on their best behavior and be good to others. We complain when there is too much sun and it gets unbearably hot, or when it rains too much or is cold. But, no one grumbles when the moon shines. Maybe this saying should not be so limited as to only pertain to being good to people. Maybe we, as a people, should be on our best behavior when caring for the planet, our only home.

After his son’s near fatal accident, Albert Gore, Jr. believes he was “handed not just a second chance, but an obligation to pay attention to what matters and to do [his] part to protect and safeguard it.” Right now, our precious
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Al Gore has been publicly criticized based on his belief in the global warming situation. News channels have streamed videos that show politicians' opposite positions in the matter. The American people have been told that this is not a real problem. Congressmen have said that the scientific evidence is not real or that it has been distorted. However, when you research and collect data yourself, as Al Gore did, you get the truth. Al Gore is now fighting for what the evidence has shown. The Earth and all of its inhabitants are in danger. Actions must be taken to safeguard our future.

For decades, Albert Gore has been fighting the battle to raise awareness for global warming. He researched and collected conclusive evidence that shows this issue severely needs attention. In the mid -1970s, Congress heard him present his findings. The Senate listened to him submit his case in 1984. Al Gore was shocked that our nation’s leaders did not have the same startled reaction he had when shown the data; however, this did not persuade him to surrender his argument. His partial motive for running in the 1988 presidential election was to gain visibility on this important matter. He did not win but was elected vice president. During the Clinton-Gore administration, the White House passed a Carbon Tax. Al Gore strongly believed he could make a crucial impact on the way the United States handles the global warming situation. In

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