Role Of Humans In Global Warming Essay

The International Panel on Climate Change has reported that global temperatures have increased up to 0.74C in the last century alone, meaning that the earth has been warmer prior to this data. This has initially proposed the question on whether or not humans have played a substantial role in the warming of the earth or if such fluctuations have been natural occurrences over the last 11,000 years. As proposed by Crowley (2000), climate change cannot be spoken of without anthropogenic cases, therefore this essay will advance the idea that humans have played a substantial role when discussing issues of the climate in the last 11,000 years and will evaluate whether or not arguments seem worthy enough to prove this to be true.
Ruddiman (2003)
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We may find that oscillations in the Earth’s orbit around the sun is what has been triggering global warming for 1.4 billion years. These fluctuations are referred to as the Milankovitch cycles. Although orbits have no great effect on the amount of solar radiation that the earth receives, the distribution of the radiation is what creates temperature variations, thus accounting for a natural cause of change. Changes occur on large time scales of 40,000 to 100,000 years. With many opponents to the cycle, eccentricity and precessions remains most significant. Both depict whether or not the sun will be closer to the earth and as its orbit alters, the amount of radiation, too, alters. For example, the northern Atlantic is crucial for depicting this change as of its warming and ice sheet melting. When the earth’s eccentricity is closer to the sun, the warming period lasts longer which is why it seems a natural cause. However, the Earth should have stopped its warming during the past 10,000 years yet we are still experiencing it therefore, scientists turn to humans as being responsible, which suggests that perhaps the Milankovitch cycle is not applicable as far as the contemporary day. Perhaps it was during the last cycle but does not support the statement that it is natural; the argument has worth to claim that humans have had a role throughout the earth’s climate change in the past 11,000 years; …show more content…
We can clearly see this through the greenhouse emissions given off by humans since the start of industrialisation as well as in the past (Ruddiman, 2003) with new innovative land use and agricultural discoveries. There seems to be no compelling evidence to suggest that climate variations occur alone and have no human input and in the past 11,000 years, climate could have only gone through such variation through human input. Nevertheless, Professor Liu (2014) comments on the topic of climate claiming that “Who is right? Or Maybe none of us is completely right”, which implies that the topic still remains under debate as of the ever-changing nature of the climate, and has done so during past

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