Genetically Modified Organisms: Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen

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People say you are what you eat, so does that make us a genetically modified organism? For the past few years GMOs have replaced our diet with genetically altered foods which has had an affected human health and native species. Being resistant to pesticide and herbicides, the plant’s DNA is split and combined with other DNA through genetic engineering, which is impossible in nature. Eating these genetically altered and processed foods can lead to increased risks of disease, cancer, and even death. Most of the time, we do not even know that we are eating these harmful toxins because they are infused with our foods. There are many farms in California that are able to grow just about anything due to the weather and fertile soil. Although we …show more content…
This corn plant was created to be resistant to both insecticide and herbicide. This allowed farmers to spray over the corn plant to kill insects and kill weeds making farming much easier and cost efficient. The Monsanto family went from selling pharmaceuticals, to artificial sweeteners, to becoming the largest seed producer in the world. Not only does the Monsanto family create genetically modified plants, but also created an antibiotic that genetically modifies animals. This antibiotic makes animals three times their normal size, increases the quality of taste of the animal, and also makes the animal much more resistant to the different weather conditions. They found that, just like a vaccine, if a chemical is introduced to a seed enough times and the DNA is altered in the right way, it would create a tolerance to that chemical. When an animal is genetically modified the DNA in a cell is changed to make the animal large, more dense, and tolerant to any type of weather condition. The reason that GMOs were created was to be able to produce more food with less work. This means that farmers are able to be a little more careless while farming, they are able to spray whole fields, water less, grow practically anywhere, and are able to grow year round. These plants are able to produce their own pesticide and herbicide. Everyone knows that California is in a drought;

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