Francios Rabelias Essay

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In Italy, early 1300s, a cultural movement began. This period of time is known as the Renaissance, an age of reborn interest in the arts. During this time artist emerged with paintings that recognized daily life, in contrast with paintings of holy and importain people just a few years earlier. Artist began to paint in three dimensions, writers began write satires, and they started blending their opinions into their stories. They became concerned with human welfare, humanism.

“ Humanism was a program of study rather than a unified philosophy. It stressed the studia humanitatis, or humanities, which included grammar, rhetoric (the art of persuasive argument), poetry, history, and moral philosophy. It was designed to make the
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“1530 September 17-- Rablelais registers at the school of medicine of the
University of Montpellier. ';

“1531 April 17 to June 24 gives lectures on Hippocrates and Galen. Towards the end of the years goes to Lyons. ';

“1532 Publication of Pantagruel and the Pantagrueline Prognostication, a facetious almanac for the year 1533. Nominated doctor at the hospital of
Hotel-Dieu. ';

“1533 Pantagruel is censured by the Sorbonne on October 23. November 8--

leaves for Italy with Cardinal Jean du Bellay as his personal secretary and doctor. ';

“1534 February-march----stay in Rome.

May--back in Lyons.

August-- Publication or Gargantua. ';

“1535 Second trip to Rome with Jean du Bellay ';

“1536 July--Returns to Lyons and then departs for Paris with the Cardinal who is in charge of fortifying the capital against Charles V. ';

“1537 Receives MD at Montpellier. Dissects the body of a hanged man. ';

“1538 Death of Rabelais’s son, Theodulus, at the age of two. ';

“1540 Rabelais goes to Turin with Guillaume du Belay, the Cardinals eldest brother. ';

“1542 December--returns to France with Guillaume du Bellay who will die before

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