Food Irradiation Essay

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For the past 50 years, scientists have been studying the subject of food irradiation (Fan and Sommers 2). Food irradiation is the process where food is exposed to controlled amounts of ionizing radiation for a certain time to eliminate some microorganisms that cause diseases. Plus, the irradiation also prolongs the shelf life of some foods because the cells that are responsible of the spoilage of the food will be killed just like the microorganisms (Wilkinson 2,3). Knowing the benefits and the consequences of this way of processing food, should it be allowed in Canada? A utilitarian would be for Canada accepting irradiated food in their food shelves, because it is a way to improve the food quality so therefore, it benefits us. A natural …show more content…
The benefits of food irradiation do not stop there, in addition to preventing food poisoning; food irradiation extends the shelf life of the food by killing the microorganisms (“Food irradiation: what you need to know” 1). Given these points, irradiated food seems like a more advantageous solution than untreated food. Most people’s concern is the “irradiation” part of food irradiation. Although the term has been the synonym of some of the greatest horrors of humanity (Chernobyl, Nagasaki), the irradiation of food does not produce the same effect for humans as those events did. Despite the popular belief, irradiated foods are not radioactive and do not cause any harm to humans (“Food irradiation”). Granted this, food irradiation still has some negative effects. Most sceptic people would treat the issue of food irradiation this way: since radiations kill the organisms in the food, the nutrients are also affected, thus, it can be concluded that food irradiation also reduces the quality of the food. On the other hand, scientific researches have proven that the effect of irradiation has a very small effect on the food’s nutrients (Loaharanu 16). Also, it has been observed that food irradiation creates some toxins in the food called radiolytic products but recent researches have proved that these products are not harmful to us and it has also been observed that radiolytic products also exist in untreated food (Loaharanu 5). However, food irradiation

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