Factors that Affect Osmosis in Potato Cylinders Essay examples

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Factors that Affect Osmosis in Potato Cylinders

The aim of this experiment is to investigate the volume of sucrose solution and the weight and volume of other variables which affect osmosis in potato cylinders. In this experiment I will weigh and blot rings of potato and test them in different concentrations of sucrose solution. I hope to find sufficient results as to investigate this.

In this experiment I will be investigating, and putting to test, the theory of osmosis.

The scientific theory of osmosis is the diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane into a more concentrated solution of sucrose. Because the more concentrated solution contains a lower concentration of
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(This is shown in the diagram below).

Thistle Funnel 2nd level of sugar solution after several hrs

Water in beaker

1st level of sugar solution

Selectively Strong sugar solution

permeable membrane

The sugar solution is said to have a low water potential. The water could be replaced by a weak sugar solution, and water would still enter the thistle by osmosis, as long as the sugar solution it contained was higher.

There are many factors in this experiment, and I hope to investigate all of them. I will investigate the concentration of sucrose solution, as this will have a huge effect on my final results. Other variables in this test will be;

Size of potato ring (1cm),

Weight of potato ring (g),

Thickness of wire (copper),

Volume of solution (20cm³),

No. of potato rings on wire (3),

Time test

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