Facebook's Changing Privacy Policies Essay

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Facebook had originally advocated for privacy, claiming that they wanted as much information as possible private, in order for people to share more information (Kirkpatrick, 2009). However, in the past year or so, Facebook has changed its privacy policies, making information more public, and making it impossible to change some of that into more private information. However Mark Zuckerberg has made a U-turn regarding privacy, claiming that people now want to share more information and that society is changing and these new policies are a reflection of that change (Kirkpatrick, 2010). However given that Facebook has so many users, and it has such an impact on our society, they are more than mere bystanders, they are not reflecting a social …show more content…
Figure 1 Growth in Facebook users and its audience composition (Photobucket, Unknown) In January 2008 the Social Network site, Facebook had over 60 million users, more than half of them outside college (Eldon, 2008). By December its amount of users had doubled, with people over 25 years of age being “the fastest growing demographic” (Eldon, 2008). Ever since, the number of people on Facebook has increased exponentially, having over 400 million users in 2010(Facebook statistics, date unknown) each spending and average of 500 billion minutes per month on the site. If Facebook were a country, right now it would be the third largest nation in the world (Kirkpatrick, 2009), with 70 translations of the site, and a clear global reach.
Facebook is a social network. “Social networking is the grouping of individuals into specific groups” (whatissocialnetworking, date unknown). In Facebook, any user can create a profile, where he or she puts in any information they want ranging from their pictures, to phone number, email address, etc. A Facebook profile page includes “A comments section called the wall, where other members can leave messages for you” (Strickland, date unknown). A profile picture (Figure 2 i), a short paragraph with information about

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