Explaining a Geopolitical Vision Essay

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“The geopolitical vision is never innocent. It is always a wish posing as analysis” (Kearns, 2008). Evaluate this statement using examples to illustrate your answer.

Geopolitics is a discourse that explains and describes the individual ways in which the world’s territorial powers act, the way they are formed and the way in which their citizens experience them. The story of modern Geopolitics is the story of America and American hegemony, with the waning of the great powers of the imperial era the rise of the United States as the world primal economic and military power can be seen as the story of the 20th century. Moving into the new century America is still the hegemon however the rise of china and reawakening of the Russian bear will
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The Russian bear having awoken from hibernation; is now attempting to restore its former sphere of influence
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To quote Shakespeare “all the world’s a stage”, and in the realm of geopolitics this is more true than most places, the impact of the worlds media on the geopolitical vision cannot be underestimated. The authority of rulers at least in theory derives from the will of the people, power is in many cases an illusion and as such the ability of the media to undermine the illusion of control makes it a formidable player on the geopolitical stage. For an example of this, one need only look to the United States where the Fox network owned by Rupert Murdoch is incredibly influential on domestic politics, which due to the American hegemony affects the entire world.

Large media companies such as Fox News hold enormous levels of power in regards to influencing American and World politics.
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In the realm of popular geopolitics Kearns statement implies that although the media will often masquerade as mere observers they ultimately have the ability to influence the world stage to a significant extent and fundamentally this must be recognized in order to understand the machinations of the global mass media

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