Analysis Of 'The Enemies Of Empire' By David Decosse

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In the essay “The Enemies of Empire,” the author discusses an argument that develops between two different perspectives on imperialism and anti- imperialism after the Spanish- American War. He mentions that many Americans supported the idea of expansionism while others opposed it. He asserts that the people who supported the idea of imperialism believed that it was an American duty to intervene in other countries affairs in order to liberate the oppressed. Conversely, he states that other people were against these expansionists for America being involved in foreign wars for various reasons. Likewise, the author of the article “Totaling Up; It Was an Unjust War” explains the main justifications that President Bush offered to go to war with Iraq. …show more content…
The author contends that President Bush provided numerous reasons to declare a war against Iraq such as, “Saddam was evil; United Nations resolutions must be enforced; the Iraqi people should be liberated” (1). However, he declared that some of these justifications were non existent and were just for Bush’s self-defense. He admits that President Bush insisted that Saddam was a tyrant who had an enormous stock of mass destruction weapons that could form a huge risk for Americans. The author points out “While self-defense is the classic instance of a just cause, the highly speculative nature of the president’s self-defense argument was a moral problem” (2). This idea indicates that many American imperialists pretend that they are trying to protect a certain area as a moral obligation but they actually utilize it for their …show more content…
The authors provide clear evidence on how imperialism can have a negative influence on Americans. They both believe that the anti-imperialists were against American policy because they argue that it was unfair to offer illogical reasons to occupy other countries. For example, Larrabee declares that the United States wanted to help the Philippines Islands to get rid of its weak powers so the U.S. can join this country to make a stronger nation. DeCosse also acknowledges that President Bush declared war by providing uncertain causes that were not; furthermore, that’s because Iraq was an oil-rich country and Bush wanted to benefit the U.S. economically.
Anti-imperialism is an act of those who care about human nations rights of maintaining their territories, obtaining freedom, and defending themselves. As everybody in this world is fighting for his/her freedom, all countries should have the right of controlling itself and protecting their region from the greed of other countries.
In summary, both authors illustrated their positions as anti-imperialists very briefly by showing that the United States has always occupied other areas in order to achieve its political goals and

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