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In efforts to find truth Descartes used only his logic to identify his existence. He also proved that there is some type of knowledge that we are born with. “Some of our ideas seem to be “born with me,” some “invented” by me, whereas others “come from without” Descartes (211). Which means that we do enter this world with some innate ideas and overtime we acquire knowledge through our sense and experiences. Descartes was a dualist; he stated that there existed something outside of our bodies. Descartes agreed with the “ghost in the machine” theory developed by Gilbert Ryle, which states that there is some mystical being, which Descartes believed was the mind, that was primary to the machine (or the body). This leads me to believe, innate …show more content…
This is why anything can be considered art if it has some type of emotion associated with it. Which is why things like sports or dance can be considered art they provoke an emotional response from the viewer. But creativity is so much more that making visually appealing piece of artwork, isn’t the ability to construct a story creative? Is it not creative when a lawyer is able to manipulate a jury? In this case, the lawyer may need to become somewhat of a motivational speaker, in order to rally the troop (which in this case would be the jury) to vote in favor of him. Or when a mother has to think of a way to feed a large family for three days, with only five dollars? In this example the mother cannot think as a mother, but she must now become an accountant, in that she must not only maintain a strict through couponing and finding discounts. There was a longitudinal case study done in 1986 by George Land and Beth Jarman, in where the test subjects were required to think of ways to use a paper clip. The researcher says that the average person can come up with about seventeen different uses for a paper clip. This test was given to a group of kindergarteners, and 98% of kids were able to think of two hundred different uses for a paper clip. According to professor, Sir Ken Robinson, they were able to do this by thinking, “Could the paperclip be two hundred feet tall and made out of

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