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The process of evaluating web sites is more than just looking the page over and deciding that it ‘looks’ legitimate. According to GCU Library, the process of evaluating a web site involves checking five categories: authority, accuracy, objectivity, currency, and coverage (LIBRARY). Each category requires you to look deeper than just the front page of a web site. I have evaluated two web sites, and I believe that both of these sites are excellent sources of information because they demonstrate authority, accuracy, objectivity, currency and coverage.
According to GCU Library Tutorial (n.d.), each category that is evaluated when checking web sites has distinct characteristic that are designed to help a
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Currency relates “to the pages accuracy relating to today’s events” and is also another important point to consider in the evaluation process (LIBRAYR). Links should be checked to ensure that they are accurate and not expired as well as last modified dates should be taken into consideration (LIBRARY). The last point to consider is coverage. According to the Tutorial (n.d.), coverage consists of making sure that the site has a clearly defined topic, has cited sources, visible references and is not a hoist.
The first web site that was put through this evaluation process was Women’s Health Channel which is under a site called Healthcommunities. Healthcommunities (n.d.) states that they are ‘the publisher of 28 patient education websites and provides website services to thousands of physicians in the United States.’ I evaluated this company based on the criteria that the GCU Library Tutorial (n.d.) outlined which are authority, accuracy, objectivity, currency, and coverage.
While evaluating authority I found that does not list any particular author but states that their site is physician-developed and monitored and reviewed by Dr. Stanley J. Swierzewski, III M.D. who is also the founder (Women’s Healh Channel, n.d.). This site’s copyright was from Healthcommunities and has a link that connects you to that company’s website. Dr. Swierzewski does has a link that connects to a site that lists his educational credential,

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