Essay About 'Save as Many as You Ruin'

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Save as many as you ruin
Simon Van Booy

One thing we all have in common is that we make mistakes and regret them. That is what happened to Gerard when he met the only woman he had ever loved after eight years apart. But sometimes the mistakes we make, end up turning around and by a religious experience, faith gives us a second chance.

The magic, realism short story‘ Save as many as you ruin’ by Simon Van Booy starts with in medias res composition. ”By the time Gerard leaves the office it has stopped snowing”. Afterwards the short story continues in a chronological order, but Simon Van Booy uses flashbacks, dialog and direct speech to show the audience of the short story, specific events of Gerard’s past. The narrator of the short
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He believes that there are more to earth, than we are able to see.

As said earlier Gerard believes that there are more to this world, than what meets the eye As a reader we get the impression that he believes in faith, as it says in the text, when he thinks of his meeting with Laurel after eight years apart. “ Gerard wonders if he has done the right thing. Perhaps he should have walked on”. He does not know if he is doing the right thing, because he is afraid of hurting Laurel again, as it says in the text.” You were kind to me too” Was I?” Gerard says:” I don’t feel as if I was” You were” she says, “despite everything”.
But after hearing Laurel saying the last sentence it appears to Gerard, that faith has turned around and given him a second chance. Despite Gerard gets another chance with Laurel and better will come his way. His mood still appears depressed and grey. We see the way his mood is by reading how he describes things. For instance in the start of the short story, when Gerard is walking home from work.” At the end of each block the sidewalk disappears under a pool of grey ice”. Or when he describes seeing Issy after her death.” Los Angeles was seventy-five degrees and dry. The air condition in his rental car smelled like candy”. The only time he describes something good, is when he runs into Laurel or is together with his daughter Lucy. When Gerard finally is able to turn the tables and make up for his mistakes, he is scared. The contrast in

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