Essay on Envisioning Urban Futures: Machelen-Diegem's Master plan

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Machelen, a cozy Flemish town is located in Brussels city of Belgium. It is home to a lot of historical values. The site is considered to be at a strategic place for economic development. Industrial estates, commercial establishment, large job market attract large population to settle in and around Machelen - Diegem. This is as a result of its centralized location in the arteries of Europe’s capital. The site has reached its full blown in terms of infrastructure development. Machelen is also acknowledged for the location of main airport of the country. Unfortunately because of sequential imposed infrastructures like rail line, roads, the site is divided into small realms. Nonetheless, surprisingly enough, as much as the
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The scratches on the map cut off residential areas from the village centre. Urbanizations created thoroughfare for the outer regions and detached the village centres of two towns. Obsolete and contaminated industrial footprints observed as dead spots. Functioning open or green space hardly found in this area. However, the potentials of Machelen-Diegem should not be overlooked. Modest residential possibilities, quality neighbourhood environment, reasonable distance from vocational poles considered as the constant factors to begin a new thought. The connection with the rest of the Flanders is also counted as an asset. Large industrial plots, existing plazas, squares, roads could be redesigned with less effort. The city in 2010 was far more complex than it was in the past and required new initiatives to trigger it. Maxwan Architects+ Urbanists presented their view toward Machelen and their master plan won the competition which was arranged with an aim to upgrade the area. Problem statement
From the perspective of urban design, master plans will have to work on different levels and different sectors to have integral working results. Maxwan architects and urbanists initiated the project from sorting out the fundamental problems to find out the possible sectors.

a. Defragmentation
Initial situation
It was observed that the land is fragmented, not only physically but

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