Essay on Environmental Impact on Healing

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Usefulness of the Theory
Human beings and the environment are always interacting and impacting each other. Therefore, it is imperative that as an Advance Practice Nurse (APN) one considers the physical, social, cultural and any other factors that may impact the environment as it relates to the patient. The primary goal of the Environmental Impact on Healing Theory is to promote awareness of the environment and its effect on the patient’s healing through the use of energy and altering the surrounding environment. By altering the environment positively and balancing the flow of energy, healing progression may be seen.
Rogers defined a human being as unitary person irreducible and is integral with environment, while environment is
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Case Study A model of Environmental Impact on Healing where these decision-making concepts are applied to practice can be illustrated by a case study involving pain, critical illness, and rapid life changes. Richard is a 29-year-old Hispanic male who was admitted to the hospital with elevated blood pressure, severe headaches, and photophobia. He is very anxious and frightened. Patient complains of excruciating pain related to his headaches. His eyes are closed related to his inability to tolerate light, and his blood pressure is increasing at a dangerous rate. The patient has no significant medical or surgical history. Richard was rarely ever was sick, and worked hard as driver for United Parcel Services (UPS). He has been married for two years, and his wife is expecting their first child. Diagnostic test were initiated and ruled out suspected complications such as cerebral aneurysm, spinal meningitis, and legions.
The treatment plan for now was anti-hypertensive medication and bed rest. Although, the medical staff feels that his symptoms are the result of something neurological. They are looking at his symptoms separately, instead of assessing his symptoms as a whole. The hospitalization has caused a disruption in Richard’s energy. He was in the midst of planning his family’s future, was up for a promotion at work, and

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