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English Poetry

2. What are the symbolic significances of the candy store in Lawrence Ferlinghetti's "The Pennycandystore Beyond the El" (Geddes, 318)?

The candy store in "The Pennycandystore Beyond the El" is symbolic of a child's youth. This poem is referring to the fact that our childhood passes by too soon and the candy store is a reminder that we need to seize every moment to enjoy it. The pennycandystore offers as a retreat or refuge to the bad weather outside and the stresses of everyday life. It takes on the characteristics of an enchanted environment full of magic and wonder, where a child has the opportunity to enjoy their youth without any distractions. When "A girl ran in Her hair was rainy Her breasts were breathless
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What does the symbol suggest beyond its literal meaning?

The main symbol in the poem "Forms of Innocence" is the black swan, which represents the girl's innocence. "A strange shape for innocence when you think of Leda but the girl insists it was a swan, black not white as you might expect" (Geddes 675). Black swans are a rare occurrence in nature and so is a girl's innocence in life. The swan "took flight, how it soared from the window beating its wings high above the stubble field" (Geddes 675) is a representation of the girl losing her virginity. The girl losing her virginity is the final step to losing the innocence that she once had as a child.

5. In "Epithalamium" (Geddes, 600) Louise Gluck uses alliteration, assonance and consonance. Identify an example of each and comment on the effect of these devices in Gluck's poem.

In "Epithalamium" an example of alliteration is "Here is my hand that will not harm you" (Geddes 601). Here the poet is utilizing softer sounds. "There were others; their bodies were a preparation" (Geddes 600) is an example of assonance. An example of consonance is "the terrible charity of marriage" (Geddes 600). Both the example of assonance and consonance use harder sounds to convey a message. One could conclude that higher-pitched sounds aggravate the ear, while softer-pitched sounds appease the ear. The wife in the poem is describing her marriage to an abusive husband and uses sound to get her

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