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Without knowing the scientific details of genes and genetic inheritance, Hitler attempted to breed a pure, “superior” race by controlling human reproduction. More extreme measures that Hitler imposed included the forced sterilization of people as well as the mass genocide of Jews and other non-Aryans in notorious concentration and death camps like Auschwitz and Dachau.

Nazi Germany under Hitler is probably the most infamous instance where eugenics and scientific racism (using scientific findings as a basis for racism) were used to attempt to create the perfect human, as it involved the use of genocide to create a population with desirable genetic characteristics, and not simply government legislation. However, other countries also attempted to maintain a “pure,” “superior” race, although their methods were not as extreme as Hitler’s.

Apartheid in South Africa from the 1940s onwards followed a similar pattern of racist legislation. The white Afrikaans government, the National Party (NP), believed that the white race was superior to the non-white (specifically black) races, and attempted to maintain this “superiority.” The “Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act No 55 of 1949” prohibited marriage between whites and non-whites, while the “Immorality Amendment Act, Act No 21 of 1950” prohibited interracial sexual intercourse.

The use of eugenics also occurred in the USA, where white supremacy was implied through
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