Energy Resources Essay examples

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Everything on Earth revolves around energy. Whether it involves plants, animals, or humans. The activities we do every day in our households, and the tasks that occur worldwide, use energy, that will eventually run out. That is why we need to conserve the energy resources we have, and search to find an alternate resource. Coal is one the three main fossil fuels. It is composed of living materials, which classifies it as a fossil fuel. It is also classified by its hardness, moisture, and heat content. There are several types of coal, but three main types of coal make up most of the world’s supply. Anthracite is the hardest coal, containing the most BTU content. Bituminous coal has the medium hardness. Lignite is the softest coal. Coal’s …show more content…
The coal powder is then blown into a combustion chamber and burned at a high temperature. The hot energy released is used to convert water into steam. The steam, also called steam coal, or thermal coal, is then used to generate electricity in power stations. (World Coal Association, 2013) Coal is used for many different reasons. Coal is the cheapest power source. It is by far cheaper than nuclear energy, natural gas, and oil. Most coal used by Americans is mined in the U.S, making it a reliable source. Since there is a large supply of coal in the U.S, jobs are made to mine the coal, transport it to the utility factories, burning coal for energy, and removing the ash. Although coal does produce pollution, it is drastically lower than other fossil fuels. With global warming becoming a large issue, coal is allowing us to have the minimum amount of pollution released into the atmosphere and into our water sources. Finally, with most of the coal sources found in mountainous regions, landowners are able to use the land for many different activities. After the land has been leveled, and the coal is extracted, it leaves flat land for the owner. (Kentucky Coal Association, 2007) Coal is one of the cheaper fossil fuels. Coal is usually not sold directly to the population, but to power plants, to be used for electricity. The price of coal can vary based on its transaction, if the coal is being used by a government facility, the

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