Effects of Alcohol Essay

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Throughout life people make many different decisions. People make decisions on what to wear, what to eat, what to think, what to do with their life and what will benefit them in the long run. These are decisions that may seem small but they ultimately affect the person in either a positive or a negative way later on in their life. Many decisions we make in life are not the right ones, and they can hurt us later on in life if we do not take into account the consequences of our actions. A decision that can negatively creep up on people is drinking alcohol. The negative effects of drinking alcohol outweigh the few positive health benefits that it presents.
Drinking alcohol can affect each person in different ways depending on many different
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Many people have heard the saying, “Every time you take a drink of alcohol you kill ten thousand brain cells.” Well it is true because alcohol decreases the probability that nerve cells will become active and communicate with other cells. Drinking a lot over a long period or even a single occasion can damage the heart and other vital organs as well (“Alcohol and Heart Disease” 3).
Another short-term effect that can be caused by alcohol is blackouts. Blackouts typically are caused when a person drinks too much too quickly, which causes their blood alcohol levels to rise so quickly that their bodies have no time to adjust, causing blackouts. When a person has a blackout they act like a normal intoxicated person would be acting. They are able to have conversations and there are no signs that they are experiencing a blackout. Blackouts are not identified until the next day, when the person realizes that they are missing part of his or her night. The memory loss can be a few minutes to a few hours, or longer. Different parts of the brain are affected when a person experiences a blackout. “Scans of people who have abused alcohol suggest damage to the hippocampus, the region involved in learning and memory.
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Drinkers had a 10% smaller hippocampus” (Torr 60). Alcohol abuse can affect many aspects of life. If a person’s hippocampus is damaged, they can experience less academic

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