Effect of Divorce on Children: What About The Kids? by Judith S. Wallerstein and Sandra Blakeslee

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While divorce gives parents a novel opportunity to begin a new life, it leads to an unfortunate twist in lifestyle for the children. In “What About The Kids? Raising Your Children Before, During, and After Divorce” Judith S. Wallerstein, Ph.D., a psychologist who spent 25 years of her life studying the effects of divorce on children, and Sandra Blakeslee, a scientist writer who has spent nearly all of her profession writing for New York Times, wrote, “Each decision to divorce begins a long

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Occasionally, children don’t know how to express their feelings, and hence their simple actions should tell what children are going through.
Alienation is the initial indication of depression in many children that are experiencing a parent’s divorce. As Philip M. Stahl, Ph.D. points out in “Parenting After Divorce; Resolving Conflicts and Meeting Your Children’s Needs”, children become alienated towards a parent when he/she is constantly fighting against the other parent after separation. Parents usually utilize kids as messengers to evade talking to each other; consequently, the child enters in a stage of uncertainty not knowing who to judge and who to support. The child decides to alienate from a parent, and starts to isolate from their friends too, thus becoming depressed (129). Depression causes children to stop socializing with friends, and stop spending time with family; occasionally, resulting in the lack of social interaction. Depressed Children often tend to construct their own closed bubble in which not a single soul is welcome. Lacking social abilities to maintain a relationship caused by their parent’s broken relationship, children prefer to avoid the risk of getting hurt. As Barry Youngerman, published author and an editor of young adult books, in cooperation with Mark J. Kittleson, Ph.D., professor of health education at Southern Illinois University, suggest in “The Truth About Divorce”, another
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