Educational Psychology Essay

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Research in psychology is necessary for the education system to properly understand and teach students who enter their classrooms. Teachers need to understand the development of these children in order to address behavior that may be occurring. Learning styles and motivation in students are vital to teachers assuring that all students can reach their full potential. They then can apply instructional theories to their classroom to find the best teaching methods for those specific students. Teachers of all age levels should have a background in this knowledge and continue to educate themselves on updated research so that they can continuously be able to self evaluate themselves. Human development is very important for all educators to …show more content…
We have to consider that they may have not overcome these challenges and may need help to develop these pro-social skills in the classroom and also regular life. Psychology of behavior is an extremely important aspect to consider in the field of education as it is the central theme for our classroom management strategies. We as teachers need to understand why a behavior is or isn't occurring and how to shape it into the desired behavior. To understand why a behavior is occurring, we have to look at the antecedents. Looking at the stimuli that occurs before the behavior happens, can explain why it is happening and how to appropriately address it. Once we have determined this information, we can decide what we should do such as use of punishment or reinforcers to get the desired outcome. What works for some students may be completely different for another student. As an educator, you need to be able to differentiate what reinforces a specific child's behavior in order to get this behavior to be maintained. When planning lessons, learning theories can be incorporated to help your students succeed and get the most out of the lesson. Primacy and recency effects are one of the oldest studied in educational psychology and show that students are most likely to learn the first items presented and also the last elements presented.(Slavin, 2012, p. 160). When planning, we can use this information to schedule our lessons most effectively by first going

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