Education Marketing Essay

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Higher education, along with the rest of the world, is facing a major crisis. Although the information world has become “flat” (Friedman, 2006), higher education has not. Higher education bears responsibility for producing an educated population with the knowledge and skills to be successful in a “flat world” but is not fulfilling that responsibility. To meet the challenges of the global knowledge economy, higher education leaders need to change their priorities (Mihel, 2010). Over a period of time the education system has witnessed a dramatic shift on account of the structural changes in the society. In the recent years, massive changes in policy, governance, structure and status of higher education have been taken place all over the …show more content…
H. (2004).
Miller and Molina-Ray (2010) argue that technology, if used inappropriately, can decrease students’ capacity for problem solving, independent thought, and analytical thinking. Appropriate use of technology requires that technological resources be used to facilitate an education that goes beyond a content-based curriculum. Globalization requires graduates with more than mastery of technology and subject matter.
The increase in student population and the increase of new College Universities also means more strain on resources. As such it is essential that universities adopt good corporate governance in terms of focusing on their core functions, optimization of resources, adopt and implement money saving measures, improve on university-industry relationship and increase partnership, commercialise research as well as to make their products (both in terms of academic programmes and the graduate) more marketable and relevant (Yahaya, M., & Abdullah, I. H. (2004).
In the face of the increasing global competition for students, a key challenge for universities is to determine how to attract and retain students. In particular, identifying and then satisfying students’ expectations have become key in competing against other institutions (Durvasula, S., Lysonski, S., & Madhavi, A. (2011).
One of the challenges of globalization is the increasing importance of knowledge as the driver of growth in the

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