Marketing Analysis : The Ice Bucket Challenge Essay

893 Words Sep 16th, 2015 4 Pages
When looking in the Webster’s Dictionary, there are many different ways to define marketing, but marketing is a way broader term that what is in that giant book. With technology, marketing is becoming more and more complex. There are some companies and organizations that are great at marketing their brand and their image, which can make them lots of money. Companies like Nike and Marlboro have had different marketing strategies, reaching the right audiences and this had made them successful. Other marketing strategies are used in campaigns such as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which may have been the greatest way to raise money of all time. I define marketing as the way a company, business, or organization explains their brand to people in the most clever and efficient way possible, looking for higher outcomes or higher profits. Marketing can be complex. With advances in social media, businesses and organizations must keep up with the times and they have to maintain relevance to compete and keep up with their competition. Advertising is a growing business. People are coming up with new ways to advertise all the time. When YouTube was first started, there was no such thing as advertisements before you watched your video. You would just right click the video you wanted to watch and it would stream, interruption free. Now you can’t avoid the annoying ads. Every website and app on your phone now seems to have some sort of advertisement. My definition of marketing…

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