Education Amendment Essay examples

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Over the years, the federal government has steadily been increasing its control of public education in the United States. The most notable developments of the last decade include the No Child Left Behind Act off 2001 and the ED Recovery Act, part of President Obama’s comprehensive recovery plan. As of September 30, 2010, $97.4 billion dollars was allocated under the ED Recovery Act (Department of Education). With the significant increase in federal interference, the American public should expect positive results. Instead, schools are faced with the same problems they had before the increase in federal interest and, in addition, even more problems arise. Federal involvement in education wastes billions of dollars every year while creating …show more content…
The standardized learning that the Federal Department of Education tries to implement limits students’ perspective and critical thinking skills (Romanowski). It trains students to become narrow-minded, never questioning the information they are given, never considering that there might be contradictory ideas. In addition, all students have different learning styles and learn at different rates. Instead of standardizing education at the federal level, decisions should be left to the educators that actually work with students on an everyday basis. Educational decisions should never go higher than the state level. When the federal government gets involved, the primary purpose of education is reversed and becomes an institution for learning a series of facts instead of rational thinking.
In addition to wasting money and undermining the purpose of education, federal involvement creates conflicts of interest that should not exist. The government is forced to adopt special policies and/or involve themselves in areas of policy that were never warranted by the Constitution. Conflicts over religion, free speech, and allocation of resources are prevalent (McCluskey). The politics of the education system in America greatly hinders its effectiveness, and politics only increase when additional layers of government become involved.
Conflict over religion and free speech in public schools is constantly popping up. The Federal Government is constitutionally

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