Importance Of The Four Amendments

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The Amendments were introduced to the American Congress in 1789. They were created to protect the individuals of the United States. The Amendments are changes made to the Constitution by adding, altering, or omitting a certain part or term. The constitution has been amended twenty-seven times since 1788. The first ten amendments are called the Bills of Rights. Four amendments that I think have changed our Constitution greatly are: the First Amendment, the Thirteenth Amendment, the Eighteenth Amendment, and the Nineteenth Amendment. The First Amendment protects our five basic rights: freedom of religion, speech, the press, assembly, and petition. The Constitution cannot, therefore, set up an official religion for the country, nor can it forbid the practicing of a religion. This amendment allows the freedom to speak and write freely. The government is not allowed to censor our newspapers, books or magazines. It allows us to hold public meetings. Petition means to ask. Redress means …show more content…
The Court has also said that free speech is limited. You cannot say “Fire!” in a crowded theater and cause a panic. We cannot say words of obscenities, words that incite violence and words that are a threat to individuals or national security. There is a limit to free speech, when that speech constitutes a “clear and present danger” to the United States. Texas v. Johnson (1989), is another Supreme Court Case involving the First Amendment. Johnson was enraged by the government and soaked a U.S. flag with kerosene and burned it outside the Republican National Convention in Dallas. He was arrested under a Texas law prohibiting the desecration of Texas and U.S. flags. Texas law placed an unconstitutional limit on “freedom of expression”, saying “nothing in our precedents suggests that a state may foster its own view of the flag by prohibiting expressive conduct relating to

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