Domestic Violence and Public Policy Essay

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Unmistakably, domestic violence is a major issue in modern society, not only to the affected persons, but also to the entire community. Failure by the government to adequately address this aspect is most likely to expose more citizens to greater danger, which could include death. In view of this, Congress and other political leaders should adopt strict policies on domestic violence, because most citizens are suffering in one way or another from the effects of domestic violence. This is ostensibly because the current legal system does not sufficiently provide for the required protection, when it comes to domestic violence, and the situation at the moment is critical (Shipway, 20). This essay paper analyses some of the appropriate policy …show more content…
Three is through emotional abuse, by way of which there is application of harmful language together with insults. In addition to that, economic abuse is part of domestic violence, especially if there is forced isolation, actions which evidently are quite intimidating not leaving out threatening to human life (Human Rights Website).

Further, as pointed out in (Shipway, 20), domestic violence along with abuse is experienced by anyone in the society, regardless of their age, race or gender among many other groupings. Unfortunately, domestic violence is usually overlooked and not given the keen attention it requires; hence Congress should take responsibility because each citizen should live in a hospitable environment. As highlighted in, in the United States of America as per the year 2000, 28% of women experienced domestic violence of different forms (Khan, 5).

Of importance now is that, concerned authorities such as the president together with the House of Congress consider practical solutions to this issue. Again, it is necessary to transform the situation, and from the progress made in some countries, it is possible to have a good change of this situation (Khan, 5-19). The most recent example as quoted in (Help guide Organization website) is where about 15 Senate members from the Republican Party combined their efforts with the Democrats, with an aim of reauthorizing the legislation on domestic violence in America.

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