Does Violence in Video Games Affect Children's Behavior? Essay

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Research Project Outcome Essay
Ever since some of the first violent video games were released it has been said that they cause violent behaviour in the people that play them. I have been interested in why this is, because I personally play a lot of games, and in Australia nearly every violent game gets censored. This differs in other countries, where more violent graphics and scenes are allowed. I have wanted to know if this is censoring is necessary in Australia, and if violent games actually cause violent behaviour in people. The question that my research project was based on is “Does violence in video games effect children’s behaviour?”
The main key findings that were gathered through the research include:
- A list of
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- Memory improvement, puzzles in games can promote children’s long term and short term memory, helping them develop better.
- Perception improvements, things like the speed you can notice things flying past your visual area and reaction time between seeing something and doing something.
(Elise 2014,Bergland 2014, Patterson 2014,IGN 2014,Mailonline 2013, 2014).
Research information confirmed that list of positives benefits of video game participation. It was found that nearly every source listed a lot more positives effects in comparison to negatives. Although there was nearly no mental negatives were found throughout the research, there were some physical effects. It was listed that games caused general things like an increased obesity risk and increased seizure risk for overuse of gaming systems ( 2014). These can be huge problems and easily rectified; people have a higher chance of developing these health issues if they play games for more than 2 hours a day, therefore limiting game playing time will reduce this risk. Nearly all of these positives and negatives have been researched and analysed by scientists from many different sources (Elise 2014, Bergland 2014, Patterson 2014, IGN 2014, Mail online 2013, 2014), proving them true. However, some of the positives had been taken from what people had answered in the survey. The

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