Divorce Survey Findings Essay

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People have always wondered about divorce and its causes and effects. When I was a young girl I used to ask ’’,why do people get married if they are going to get divorced in the future?’’ When I grew up I realized that anyone could go through divorce. Divorce has become a phenomenon that is increasing around the world. Fourteen weeks ago I had not known the real definition of divorce and did not expect to find out all these astonishing facts, results and statistics. I have chosen this topic because it was the one and only opportunity to discover men’s opinions about divorce and women’s, as well. Divorce is similar to marriage. It has negative and positive outcomes. Divorce is absolutely legal but also different when it
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The surprising news was that none of the males who answered the survey were Qatari. In contrast, I got various results from the females nationalities. The nationality of the female respondents were mostly from other Arab countries (56%), 31% were from Gulf countries and only 13% were from non- Arab countries.

According to males, almost a half believed that different political opinions could lead to divorce. In fact, how males responded was understandable because they often seen to care about politics more than anything else. However, it was unforeseen that over 75 percent of the females who responded picked yes to the question about politics. The majority of the males responded that sometimes social media and social networks contribute to the idea of divorce. Likewise, the majority of the females responded yes, too.

33% of the males thought that the husband and wife should go to their friends to solve their problems while 30% responded that they should go to a marriage consultant. There was a simple difference between these two answers. Moreover, 27% picked the husband’s parents and only 10% chose the wife’s parents as their answer. I do not blame the men who did not pick the wife’s parents because the wife’s parents would always agree with her and support her opinion even if it was unacceptable. On the other hand, females had totally different responses. Over 50 percent

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