Disney Inc. Operational Planning Essay

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Disney Inc. Operational Planning

Strengths and Weaknesses

There are four different types of planning within and organization, strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency. Each will have an impact on each other and how they are carried out. Disney’s operational planning consists of how things are run on a day-to-day basis within a year helping to reach the company’s strategic planning goals.

“Operational planning identifies the specific procedures and processes required at lower levels of the organization.” (Scott, 2004 ) Within Disney this would be the processes for day-to-day operations within the Theme parks, the stores, on the e-commerce site etc.

Some of the strengths
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If something goes wrong on ground level, Disney’s customers directly see this breakdown and could have a negative affect on sales. Disney’s ground level operations are always being viewed by the customer, if a ride breaks down, what is the backup plan? If someone does not show up for his or her shift, will he or she have someone to cover him or her? These are all things that need answers when developing the operational strategy.


A business operational opportunity was stated by Merriam-Webster Online Dictionaryam (2005) “as a good chance for advancement or progress”. When companies look across their business they describe opportunities as way to position the business to succeed were their competition has failed. The Walt Disney Corporation has taken business opportunities to a different level by using its brand name recognition.

They have mixed advertising, travel, and Disney Institute to the highest opportunities. The Walt Disney Corporation has used radio, video, and printed media to advertise their business to obtain a leadership role in the industry advertising. They use these media outlet to promote their theme parks, hotels, and business institutes to draw millions of fans and business executives every year. The theme parks draw people from all over the world because of their original buildings, themes, and characters that entertain

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