Discrimination in the Work Environment Essay

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Privilege is something that is given to a person that allows them to have an advantage over most other people. In my opinion people should earn their way in the world and they should certainly not be given something because of the way they look or denied something for that same reason. David Hale discusses five main components of privilege, those are: privilege is a special advantage, privilege is not granted it is earned, privilege is a right or entitlement that is related to a preferred status or rank, privilege is exercised for the benefits of the recipient and the detriment of others, privilege is normally understood by the person possessing it. One thing I really have to argue is privilege is not granted it is earned. I do not agree …show more content…
In today’s society, people are denied jobs based on their looks including weight, and other uncontrollable factors like gender, and color regardless of laws that govern against this type of discrimination. It is sad to think you were not picked for a job because of your waist line. What does that say about society today? We judge people and discriminate against them for them being overweight. We stereotype people who are obese as lazy, yet when they try to get a job we deny them the opportunity to possibly change their predicament. Catherine Valenti discusses a case where a man attended a job fair and later visited the restaurant, and, along with others who were hired, provided clothing sizes for uniforms. She discovers after the man told the employer his waist size, he was never contacted again. He later called the restaurant, being told his uniform was not ready, and upon visiting the restaurant he noticed others were working, and not wearing uniforms given by the restaurant (Valenti). Although this is cruel, it is truly not a case that the man can be compensated for because the employer did not discriminate against anything that is protected by law. In this example, people who are thin and more “attractive” have a better advantage at getting a

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