Development of a Multinational Personnel Selection System Essay

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Development of a Multinational Personnel Selection System

1. Summary of the Case Study

Mr Koch works as an expatriate in Hong Kong for ComInTec AG & Co. He was working for the company in the HR department for 17 years and since three years he is the HR director. One day he got the assignment to form a cross functional project team in the high profitable APAC States. The company strive to establish a new regional management level in Asia. A new personnel selection system had to be developed internally. In further consequence 25 middle management positions were expected to be filled the region. For the recruiting process the company hired own recruiters as well as head hunters. Furthermore, 90% of the new management positions were
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But you have to be very carefully where you use standardized systems. For instance, if you use global standardized systems in a national competence centre you can fail. In the long run some other costs will rise because of not considering special cultural features (question 3).
Therefore, especially in the competence centres the cultural background should find enough consideration. I therefore support Dai Wei’s approach. He places an emphasis on the special cultural backgrounds of the candidates. Furthermore he wants to integrate translators into the assessment centres to entirely focus on the candidate’s profession. Summarized it is very important to consider the cultural differences also in the competence centres in the single country. But they have to focus on the professional and not on interpersonal competences in the competence centres. Regarding to this it is very important to deploy the right people in the competence centres.
Referring to the feedback discussion I tend to the view of Mueller. While it is important to provide a good feedback to the candidates, but in view of the need of cost reduction I think the existing system suffice.
Conclusion: A main weak point is the fact that most standardized personnel selection system ignore cultural differences and culture specific circumstances.

3. What long term implications do the weaknesses impose on the company?

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